Our Staff:

Tim Terwilliger, PGA Head Professional
Tim has been a member of the PGA since 1995 and has been teaching here at Brookside Golf Course since 1982. He has spent his career studying the history of golf as well as the greatest swings and legendary teachers. Through his research, he has concluded that there are many different ways and countless avenues to help golfers improve their swings, ball striking, and overall game.

Tim feels the teaching industry tends to focus on individual nuances and style, and not enough on traits that all greats have in common, which he refers to as absolutes. The key is to develop a personal plan for each individual student that focuses on those absolutes, which are vital for proper swinging and ball striking. Then subsequently work on those concepts that each individual is realistically capable of doing and only explore these concepts once they are understood.

$75 per 30 minute lesson, $375 for series of 6 lessons
Group and Corporate Clinics available – call for pricing.

If you would like to discuss lessons with Tim or any of our staff, please contact him at the Golf Shop at (626) 796-8151, Ext. 2, or (626)497-8465

Larry Tomoyasu, PGA Professional
Larry has been a member of the PGA since 1998 and has been teaching at Brookside for over 25 years. He enjoys working with all levels of players. Larry is looking for students that are willing to make a commitment of time and effort to their golf game, and in return, he will gladly dedicate 100% of his effort to make you the best that you can be.

$75 per 30 minute lesson, $375 for series of 6 lessons

To schedule a lesson you can reach Larry at (626) 676-7854.

Kathy Cho, PGA Professional and LPGA Member
Kathy has been playing golf since 1981, and turned professional in 2003. She has been teaching all levels of golf, and is currently the instructor for the “Learn How to Play Golf” class for Glendale Community College. Also, Kathy is a coach for The First Tee Junior Golf program of Pasadena, which is a nationwide program for youth.

To schedule a lesson you can reach Kathy at (818) 636-6477, or kathy@kathychogolf.com www.kathychogolf.com

Wataru Tomita, Golf Professional
"Watt" has been teaching/coaching golf since 2004, upon graduating from The Golf Academy of America in San Diego, Ca. Wataru's passion to help others play better and enjoy the game of golf comes from his own experience as a professional athlete. His goal is to inspire golfers to understand how the game can be simplified...physically and mentally. Wataru prides himself on the fact that he is always learning and striving to become a better instructor.

Adult rates:
30 min session - $60 Six 30 min sessions - $300
One hour session / 3 or less person(s) - $100 Additional $20 for extra person(s)
Series of 6 one hour sessions / 3 or less person(s) - $500
Additional $100 for extra person(s)

Junior Rates:
30 min session - $40 Ten 30 min sessions - $300
One hour session - $60 Additional $20 for extra person(s)
Ten 1 hour sessions - $500 Additional $100 for extra person(s)

Please contact Wataru for availability: (818) 943-9288 or email: watt@watarutomita.com - www.watarutomita.com

Patrick McDonald, PGA Professional
Patrick has 25 years of teaching experience, and has worked at golf courses in Illinios, Ohio and Florida. He is also a Certified PGA Rules Official.

Availability: Mon-Wed-Fri: 8:00 am–2:00 p.m. Sat-Sun: 12:00–4:00 p.m.
$75 per hour - Series of 6 hour lessons - $375
$60 per 30 minute lesson - Series of 6 lessons - $300

To schedule a lesson you can reach Patrick at (407) 492-2431

John Mascarenas, PGA Professional
John has been in the golf business since 1993 earning his PGA membership in 2001. For people of all ages and skill levels who want to enjoy the feeling of the best they are capable of, John Mascarenas is the golf instructor who uniquely helps you to use the skills and abilities you have for the best golf possible. He keeps it simple, comfortable and enjoyable.

Availability: Mon/Tues/Wed/Friday/Sunday
Junior Rates: $40 per 30 minute lesson – Series of 6 lessons - $200
Adult Rates: $50 per 30 minute lesson – Series of 6 lessons - $250
Group Lessons: Sunday & Monday - $20 per 60 minute lesson.

To discuss or schedule a lesson you can reach John at 626) 524-7130

Castavious Henderson, PGA Apprentice
Castavious is a graduate of the Professional Golfers Career College and an apprentice member of the PGA with knowledge of Trackman technology in both swing analysis and club fitting. He believes the two most important words in the game of golf are “tension free,” and that the ideal swing is not a set of positions that make a one-size fits all golf swing. Since we are all made different in shape, size, and fitness level, beginners and experienced players alike must find an individual swing that they can do repeatedly. A “tension free” swing will increase club head speed and distance, allow for a PAIN FREE swing, and increase consistency and FUN!! Castavious believes that it is his job to make the game as simple as possible so that his students can play better and enjoy this beautiful game.

He is currently the coach for PGA Junior League at Brookside, and has an after-school group class throughout the year – text Castavious for latest schedules.

To schedule a lesson you can reach Castavious directly at (310) 904-2059 or by email castavious@gmail.com.